Back in the Game

April 20, 2016

I can see it’s two years since I last posted. In that time my father died, I took two sets of professional exams, got engaged, took up meditation, moved, renovated a house and built a studio. Once all that was done I hauled off to Africa with work, spending a month in a tent in rural Chad in 40-plus degree heat.

There’s less music in that list than I’d like, but it’s part of a wider plan, to set up a scenario where I can always play and write. The job is part-time: since completing the studio a couple of weeks ago, I finish work early each day, decompress with a cup of tea and then happily bury myself in practice and writing. It’s exciting to explore ideas that have been bubbling away for a couple of years and to really turn my focus to improving and developing as a musician.

I’ll be back performing in public again soon – running through some new songs at the piano last night, I felt the urge good and strong to get out and play for people. The last couple of years have been about digging foundations. Now it’s time to build something above ground.

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