Barn Recordings

March 22, 2014

On and off for the past few months I’ve been heading up to Norwich to do some recording. The sessions have been unusual because we’re recording live, and the only rehearsals are on the night that we record. So it’s a little rough and ready, but full of atmosphere and energy.

I’m the third singer/songwriter they’ve invited to come and play for their mini label Barn Recordings, and the first not based in Norwich. It’s been a nice process; I take the train up from London late afternoon, have a bite to eat with one of the guitarists and then head to their tiny ‘barn’ – a room about  ten feet by eight – where we have a beer, learn  a song and then hit record when everyone almost knows what they’re doing. You can get a feel for the space by looking at the pics, here.

Because I’m used to working much more slowly, I didn’t have very high expectations.  But the results have been hugely enjoyable, both to do and to listen back to afterwards, so it’s turned into a bit of a project. We’re working with a mix of a handful of my favourite (or their favourite) songs from the last record, plus new ones that I’ve been writing over the past few months. It’s been very motivating, knowing there’s a group of skilful musicians who are ready and waiting for some new tunes to have a go at. I’m knee-deep in study for the day job at the moment, but come June, when exams are over, I shall be back up there to have a crack at  a new song called ‘Paper’, plus one or two others.

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