Day 8: Kind of Blue in Copenhagen

April 17, 2013

Whoever designed this schedule was nuts. Which doesn’t reflect well on Cara and I.

The day after our house concert we head from northern Italy to Denmark. Five trains, 25 hours and one bomb alert later we hit Copenhagen, already late for our soundcheck.

So it’s nice to wind up at Kind of Blue and immediately like the place. Claus – concentrated, stubbled, waistcoated and 50-something – is a charismatic man whose warmth grows slowly and surely as the night progresses. He’s a John Lennon obsessive. We bonded when I told him Andy Newark (who played drums on my album) also played for John Lennon on Double Fantasy. He lined up a Jimmy Hendrix tune I’d not heard of, Bold as Love, just for my benefit. It was as good as promised. Hendrix’s guitar sound, in that moment, was beautiful, distinctive food for the ears and soul.

Claus made a point after we’d played to say how much he liked the atmosphere we’d created. We’re not as skilful as the jazz musicians he sometimes books, but it seems we made something that the people there got something out of. That’s gratifying because otherwise we’re playing only for ourselves. So, despite a cold apiece, a good night’s work.

My new lightweight keyboard sounds great too, through a borrowed vintage amp. Maybe better than my actual vintage Wurlitzer? Shit! This is the thin end of the wedge.

Cara was really funny this evening, telling her Dame Judi Dench joke (it’s sweet but sweary) to a slightly bemused crowd of Scandinavians. And we hit a stride together with me playing on her songs, my keys louder and simpler. I’m a bit disconcerted by people moving around during my set and don’t quite manage to get her up to sing on Rock and Roll. That feels like a missed opportunity – I love Cara’s voice and want to get that happening. But we never fully rehearsed before we left and we’ve not had time or inclination since being away to spend an hour working through the detail. I make a mental note to tell her this.

The night ends well – a few drinks on the house, toast and peanut butter and a real bed.

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