Day 7: Late Night Train to Munich

April 17, 2013

I don’t know why I like night trains so much.

It’s a stuffy, rattly and slightly cramped experience, especially if you’re sharing your bunk with a keyboard to make sure no one makes off with it.

But I still love it. It’s an efficient use of time and you retain a subconscious sense of the distance travelled, even as you sleep, which you don’t get on a large plane. And I like the ritual of the train guard waking you up in the early morning, twenty minutes before your stop. He came round last night, shortly after we’d boarded to ask for tickets and passports. We handed them over for inspection only for him to smile sweetly and pocket the lot before heading back to his cabin. Eh?! I guess it’s a security measure, but it was disconcerting.

A night’s kip had taken us from Florence to Munich. It’s a big, bright and breezy station with Starbucks alongside more homegrown chains. I expect there was a McDonald’s somewhere, although I didn’t spot it. A project writing songs about the many different and usually inspiring train stations in Europe occurs – surely someone (train companies) could market that?

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