Day 1: Richard Kapp

April 10, 2013
    Richard came out while we were still unloading our bags and instruments from the taxi and offered his hand. There was a little flash of white in his beard that I’d not noticed in the photographs. A warm smile and a cigarette-husky voice.

    He grabbed Cara’s guitar and led us into his flat for a quick tour. Here is my beautiful toilet. There’s food and sandwiches in the fridge – help yourselves; we can cook later, after we’ve played, if you’re still hungry. Here’s the bedroom, where you’ll sleep. And here’s the room where the music happens.

    A small room crammed with computer screens, an electric piano, a small leather sofa and numerous stringed instruments propped against shelves of CDs. On the wall a pin-board palimpsest of tour posters, the most recent layer advertising our gig later that night: Richard Kapp and the Gowns, Rob Marr and Cara Sebastian at Cafe Carina on Tuesday, 9th of April.

    Richard drew us a map of how to get to the venue and left us with his only door key to nap and get ourselves together before the gig.

    After a tussle with trams and tubes and unfamiliar ticketing systems we arrived half an hour late at Cafe Carina, a mid-sized bar with a small stage at one end and pool tables at the other. And an unfamiliar smell… Cigarette smoke! It seems the smoking ban has not yet fully hit Austria. The first date of our mini-European tour, Vienna, indie -style

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